National Ocean Policy + Marine Planning

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National Ocean Policy

President Obama signing National Ocean Policy Exec. Order, 2010

President Obama signing National Ocean Policy Exec. Order, 2010

The U.S. National Ocean Policy (NOP) was established by Executive Order 13366 in 2010, laying out priorities and goals for protecting the health of the nation's ocean, coasts and Great Lakes. The policy also established the National Ocean Council, made up of representatives from federal agencies involved in ocean and coastal issues. The policy was based on the final recommendations of the Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force, which between 2009-2010. 

NOP Implementation Plan

In April 2013, the White House released the National Ocean Policy Implementation Plan. The plan is aimed at translating the Policy into tangible actions for federal agencies to implement. While a primary focus of the plan is marine planning, other issues areas are included in the plan, such as commercial and recreational fishing, energy, and shipping. 

Following the release of the Implementation Plan, the National Ocean Council released a handbook specifically focused on marine planning.  The handbook provides specific guidance on establishing regional entities focused on marine planning, while ensuring flexibility within each region based on the goals of its planning partners and regional stakeholders. 

Ocean, coastal and Great Lake regions around the U.S.

Regional Planning Bodies

The National Ocean Policy and Implementation Plan have designated regions around the U.S. for marine planning.  Many regions have had state-led Regional Ocean Partnerships in place for some time, while more recently Regional Planning Bodies have been established in select regions. In addition, Ocean Data Portals (or similar entities) have been set up to support the efforts of these groups and enhance information-sharing around ocean management and marine planning.

For more information on select Regional Ocean Partnerships, Regional Planning Bodies, and Ocean Data Portals, follow the links below. 


Regional Planning Bodies

Regional Ocean Partnerships

Ocean Data Portals