Communications & Engagement Plan

The West Coast RPB's Communication & Engagement (C&E) Plan has been released! 

The C&E Plan was drafted over fall of 2016 through a contract with Kearns & West. The Plan was compiled based on feedback from RPB members, formal interviews with a limited number of West Coast ocean stakeholders, and public comments received on the draft plan in October-November. 

The RPB will now begin assessing implementation of various aspects of the Plan based on capacity, funding and associated RPB activities. As noted in the Plan, not all C&E tasks included in the document will be able to be undertaken immediately, and RPB members will work with one another and regional stakeholders to identify the most relevant actions appropriate for immediate implementation. The Plan will remain a 'living document' into the future and is subject to revision and addition based on further stakeholder input and/or RPB member feedback. 

If you have any questions about the C&E Plan or would like to be involved in forthcoming outreach efforts, please contact RPB Coordinator John Hansen at or 510-788-9265. 

Download the final C&E Plan (PDF) here. 

West Coast RPB Charter

In February 2016, the West Coast RPB members finalized the approval version draft of their charter document. The charter is the result of over a year of dialog and collaboration between tribal, state and federal RPB members and represents the starting point for the activities and process to be carried out by the RPB. 

Upon approval and signature of the charter, each federally-recognized tribal government and federal agency will designate a primary and alternate representative to fill a single seat on the RPB, and each state will do the same for up to two seats. Approval of the charter and participation in the RPB is entirely voluntary for state and federally-recognized tribal governments in the region. 

CLICK HERE to download the charter. (PDF)