RPB CHarter

The members of the RPB finalized their charter in February 2016. All members of the RPB have signed onto the charter to formalize their participation. 


RPB Fact sheet

The RPB has released a 1-page 'Snapshot' document that lays out key components of the RPB, including its goals, membership and functions at a regional scale. The snapshot is intended to inform stakeholders about basic information about the RPB and to be used for outreach and engagement. 



communications & engagement plan

In January 2017 the RPB released its Communications & Engagement (C&E) Plan. The Plan is meant to inform future communication and outreach in the region about ocean planning. Tasks laid out in the C&E Plan cover a range of options that are dependent on funding and capacity, but intended to provide clarity and guidance for RPB members to effectively connect with a range of audiences along the West Coast. The document is also intended to be updated over time, with feedback from stakeholders informing future updates and refinements to the plan.